D&AD New Blood Awards - Audible brief: Out West

This was my submission for D&AD's New Blood Awards Audible Brief: Designing an identity for an upcoming Audible Originals Podcast titled Out West; a crime podcast that would look beyond the myths of the Old West to recount the true darkest crimes of the Western Frontier. 

I chose to focus my concept around the 1872 John Gast painting 'American Progress' in which America is depicted moving westward and leading civilisation's progress as they advanced settlement. This painting is seen by Historians as part of the 'Manifest Destiny' philosophical and political movement that became a staple of American cultural Identity in the late 18th- early 19th century, arguing that American Frontiersmen were the rugged individualists responsible for advancing society by endeavouring to find new opportunities by 'taming' the west. However, this ideal has been since debunked by historians as little more than a glorified myth that covered up a not so individualist tale of Federal Government sponsored Military expeditions and ethnic cleansing of native peoples, land treaties pushed by big corp special interests, and 'Manifest Destiny' propaganda intended to stimulate a land grab.

My response culminated in a photo manipulated 'American Progress' painting catching fire, with the aim of visually reinforcing the suggestion that this Audible series would burn through the myths of the Old West and uncover some of the darker truths and crimes of the era.